Our Story: American Women’s Association

The American Women’s Association (AWA) is a group for women of all nationalities in Nairobi, Kenya. Additionally, they organize social and educational events, as well as volunteer opportunities. The money they raise goes to five food support programs for babies, children, families, and the elderly in Nairobi. More so, AWA is part of a larger, global community of international women making a difference in the lives of women around the world.


American Women's Association

American Women’s Association



Who can join American Women’s Association


Anyone can join AWA. Moreover, there are nearly 35 nationalities represented in AWA. The members have different interests and backgrounds.


What we do


The is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the lives of its members and the community through philanthropic endeavours, community service opportunities, and social, educational, and recreational activities. To add on, AWA believes that by connecting and contributing to the community, its members can make a difference.

What we Offer

The organization offers a variety of programs and events that allow members to get involved, learn new things, and have fun. We hold events every month, including Coffee Mornings, General Meetings, Out and About, and fundraising events. All the money raised goes to five community projects that provide food support to orphans, the elderly, and people living with HIV/AIDS. American Women’s Association invites you to join them, get involved, and make a difference.


Here are some examples of the AWA’s philanthropic endeavors:

  1. Raising money for local charities and community projects
  2. Volunteering at orphanages, soup kitchens, and other organizations
  3. Donating to blood drives and other donation campaigns


American Women’s Association’s community service opportunities:


  1. Tutoring children
  2. Cleaning up parks and beaches
  3. Organizing food drives and clothing drives
  4. Advocating for important causes


Here are some examples of the AWA’s social, educational, and recreational activities:


  1. Book clubs
  2. Cooking classes
  3. Hiking trips
  4. Museum visits
  5. Networking events